Waiting to get paid?
Transaction fees from 1.75% and zero-day settlement for service providers.
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"With my previous scheduling service I had to wait up to two weeks to get paid. With boka.se, settlement occurs within hours, or sometimes, even within minutes."
Louise, Wellnesshouse
What's Sparkling?

We are Youcal

We build, deploy and host payment services with a focus on the service industry. That means no more shopping carts, no more shipping debacles and an end to unmanagable cancellations, no-shows and re-scheduling drama.

It's smoother. Perhaps even sparkling.


Tech Deluxe

The Youcal PaaS provides a consolidated operating system for payments, bookings, notifications, CRM and pretty much anything else you may need to build, deploy and scale your service industry business.

Awesome tech delivered by awesome people, like you.

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Three reasons you should get to know us. We...

... are regulated

We are operating under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervision Authority with a license to provide payment services as an Authorized Payment Institution.
Being regulated means we can deliver all our services without having to involve third party payment providers. Less parties, less hassle and lower prices.

Who would say no to that? Our license may be viewed below.
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... are up and running

We are already servicing 6,000 service providers and over 180,000 members through our service-industry portal, Boka.se.
That means tens of thousands of reservations every day.
So, if you are looking for a battle-hardened platform with capabilities proven under real-life circumstances, look no further.

See for yourself at (and why not try out a few payments)
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... got your back

Running a business in the service industry is all about, well, service. To enable you to deliver outstandig service and retain your customers, you need a service provider that lives up to the same high standards as you do.

Simply put, you deserve our customer support. Nothing less.

Our support and customer success team stand prepared, why not say hello?
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Youcal is an  Authorized Payments Institution and is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Copyright © 2019 Youcal AB.