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"A company is nothing without its customers. And the battle for customers is intensifying every day. Today, it is more important than ever to be able to meet customers' requirements and to be able to quickly and flexibly adapt an offer to the customer's development. We are here to help you meet your customers shifting requirements."
Petter Sehlin, founder of Youcal

Target Aid

Target Aid is a charity flow operator that enables companies to make their social commitment visible together with the receiving organizations.

We deliver a multi-split-payments flow with client funds aggregation, that ensures that gifts can be collected in a simple way via Swish and cards.

The gifts are aggregated on Youcal's client funds account, which means that they are completely protected from risks in Target Aid's or Youcal's operations.

A payout is initiated based on time / date, aggregated volume or a manual request.

IoT integrated split payments

Jerlings / Sonax Car Wash

Jerlings is an operator of car washes, with a large number of customers in central Sweden.

With Youcal Payments, Jerlings has been able to connect existing car washes to a modern payment flow.

Customers can pay for their car washes on their mobile phones, with Swish and cards. The connection takes place via an IoT interface and MQTT flow control.

Jerlings is an excellent example of how Youcal Payments can be adapted to the most varied payment flows and needs.

VISIT SONAX car wash
marketplace with split payments is a marketplace for the service industry that provides booking systems to over 10,000 service providers.

Youcal delivers a complete payment flow with support for five payment methods, value codes and gift cards.

The service also includes the production of payment documents and integration with accounting systems for the production of invoices and payment files. is an excellent example of how Youcal Payments can be more than just a checkout, through a deep integration, unique advantages are created for compared to its competitors.

CHARITY FLOW WITH MULTI-SPLIT PAYMENTS is one of Sweden's largest administrative systems for sports clubs.

The team at Laget wanted to offer its members the opportunity to create fundraisers to support various causes where the club needed financial support from members and the general public.

Youcal delivers a multi-split payments solution with client funds management, which enables Laget to efficiently collect, distribute and report payments to its member clubs.

Development and commissioning of the solution took only a few days, and is thus a good example of how you can quickly and easily get started with a tailored payment service in your business.

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