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"Laws and regulatory requirements for providing payment services are becoming stricter all the time. We have the permits required to charge, manage client funds and transfer funds via all popular payment methods on the Swedish market. Let us help you tailor your payment flows, so that they match your business model perfectly."
Petter Sehlin, founder of Youcal

Payments à la carte

Payment services have traditionally been offered according to the "one-size-fits-all" model. Regardless of what the business has looked like, you have had to make do with payment services that were originally developed for e-commerce and the retail industry. We offer something different.

With Youcal Payments, it's possible to tailor a payment funds flow that is a perfect match for your business.

This may, for example, involve a payment model where your customers pay a percentage of the total amount, or where they pay the entire amount up-front, but only a proportion of it is initially paid to you, and the rest is escrowed for later settlement.

It could also be that several payers pay a part each, of a larger amount, whereupon settlement is done when the entire sum has been collected.

But it could even be that the payments are made at different times, based on conditions that are set dynamically in the flow.

The possibilities with our "programmable payments" are basically endless.

We support the most popular and used payment methods on the Swedish market, and through our permits and partners, we have the opportunity to offer local payment methods throughout Europe.

By combining traditional payment methods, such as invoices, bank giro and direct debit, with modern payment and information services such as Open Banking, we can offer powerful combined payment flows.

How about cost-effective monthly payments via Autogiro, combined with account spreads via Open Banking? Or fundraising solutions for charities based on Swish, but at a fraction of normal fundraising costs for the industry?

All services are delivered, of course, via modern APIs with extensive reconciliation and reporting functionality integrated.
Delivery stability is guaranteed by our fully cloud-based and distributed platform in Microsoft Azure and AWS.

So no matter what your needs are and how complex your payment flows are, test us, we will find solutions with competitive fees and unmatched flexibility.

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