Why PaaS?
The advantages of Platform as a Service
Innovate Faster with More Reliability, Flexibility and Less Risk
"If you’re looking to accelerate innovation and reduce cost, risk, and complexity, it’s time to take a close look at PaaS. By taking advantage of our offerings, you’ll eliminate the inefficiency and excessive expense of trying to do everything yourself. "
Petter Sehlin, founder of Youcal

Why go for PaaS?

To get an application running in the cloud you can spend long hours downloading, compiling, installing, configuring, and connecting all sorts of components — and that is just to get your application up and running on a single virtual server instance.

Not only can this be time consuming and costly, but it takes away time you could have spent innovating and improving your application.

But now there is a better way. In the decade, technologies between the operating system and your application — the platform layer — have evolved and matured to make cloud computing easier. Rather than downloading and building all of those platform-level technologies on each server instance, and then later having to repeat the process as you scale, you can launch on a pre-configured service, and have your application automatically deployed to a fully provisioned cluster.

As application usage grows, you can add more capacity and scale, without having to invest in additional hardware. As you need to set up increasingly sophisticated architectures such as high availability and disaster recovery, you can do this with a simple phone-call.

And as all the constituent platform components evolve along their own respective paths, they are updated for you, with no required effort on your part. That is what Platform-as-a- Service (PaaS) is all about.

You get a reliable comprehensive application platform that lets you retain full access to all the environment components with “white-glove” expertise and support if you ever have questions or issues with your system. You can focus on improving your application while we take care of your platform.

There are numerous benefits to using a PaaS rather than “doing it yourself” on an on premise or cloud based infrastructure platform, including agility, efficiency, quality, and other needs.

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