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Let's be clear on one thing - you don't build, support and maintain a fully featured services platform with, regulated, integrated payments on three people.

Not that it's impossible to do it, it's just not responsible. Your customers need to know that there is a backup for the backup, and that there are processes to make sure everything runs smooth, whatever happens.

That's why you need a team. And lucky for us (and you) we have one. And it's not half a bad one either.

Focused on engineering skills but with strong support from customer service, onbording and compliance we excel at identifying, documenting and delivering on our customers needs.

We are today 15 people servicing our customers and striving to develop great software. Our offices are located in Örebro and Stockholm.

A word from the founder

"Why is this so cumbersome, someone should have solved this years ago..."

It was 2015, my consultancy business had just been tasked with adding a payments feature to a custom built booking application. The payments platform was state of the art, with everything you could (at the time) have wished for.

The only problem was that all the stuff they put in there was mandatory. Shopping carts, return policies, shipping alternatives and notifications thanking the customer for buying X to be delivered by Y to location Z.

Cool enough, the only problem was that our customer was a coworking-space, renting out seats and conference rooms at one address. No one bought X, it was not to be delivered by Y and location Z was obvious from the start.

The entire payments process was designed for selling products and to handle the issues and requirements connected with it. Tens of thousands of SMBs and service providers in Sweden were trying to squeeze their business into a payment process designed for the retail industry.

Today we can provide a platform and payments process that is designed for the service industry. We have flattened the road-bumps and removed the pitfalls where consumers got stuck or conversion failed. This means more sales, quicker settlement and less churn.

With over 6k service providers and 180k users on the platform, we feel that we may be onto something huge. I welcome you to join us, as a customer, partner or coworker.


Petter Sehlin, founder

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