What we do
We save you 70% of the effort to build a great business
"Almost everything we use the web for has evolved massively during the last ten years. From how we manage our finances, to getting a cab, finding a place to stay or ordering food for home delivery. In almost every sector, new web-services have disrupted the way we live our lives and consume services on the Internet. But one thing hasn't changed, the way we book, schedule and pay for appointments for everyday services. With Youcal PaaS we are bringing the service and booking industry into the future."
Petter Sehlin, founder of Youcal
Youcal PaaS

The platform

Imagine a piece of software that makes it possible for small businesses, blitz scaling startups, academic institutions and A-listed enterprises to reduce their development time, investment and time-to-market of apps and web SaaS offerings by 70%.

Further imagine a feature-set that makes it possible to apply payments, advanced user rights management, CRM, MQTT server support and a multitude of integrations without having to sign and negotiate third party agreements.

Imagine... I think you already get it. All this and much more is part of the Youcal PaaS. So, you don't need to only dream about it, drop us an e-mail and let's have a discussion on how to get you started on you next successful payments, booking and scheduling project.

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The PoC

It's hard to sell a dream. Even more so if the dream happens to include a back-end heavy transactions platform. We just have to face it, people seldom dream of API management consoles and Azure functions.

That's why we build and run a proof of concept to prove our readiness and capabilities. It's called Boka.se and it services over 6k customers and 180k end consumers doing tens of thousands of bookings every week.

But don't take my word for it, go see for yourself at boka.se. Our service providers are open for business 24/7, but hurry, time-slots are selling out fast!

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