What we do
We improve on Process, Trust and Cost of running a service
"Youcal Payments is the payment service for marketplaces, platforms and SaaS companies. No other player in the market can deliver an equally flexible solution to accept payments, manage client funds (escrow) and handle commissions and settlements in a safe and cost-effective way. With payment methods ranging from Open Banking (bank-to-bank) to Swish, autogiro, Visa/Mastercard, invoices and gift cards, we can deliver a complete payment solution that is perfectly adapted to your business model."
Petter Sehlin, founder of Youcal

The solution

Imagine a payment service that not only ensures that you get paid for your services and products, but that actually makes it possible to create payment flows that matches how your customers and suppliers wants to pay and get paid.

Then imagine that the same platform can handle client funds with delays and milestones according to all applicable laws and regulations (eg PSD2). And that transaction monitoring and AML supervision is managed via AI services.

But do not stop there, keep imagining that the same platform can handle everything from one-to-one payments to split payments, multi-party payments and even many-to-many collection and payouts.

Youcal Payments is the payment service that never quits. If you have a payment flow, we have the solution!

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The Evidence

Youcal Payments is used by hundreds of companies and organizations, including several marketplaces.

One of our marketplace customers is Boka.se, a service portal for searching, booking and paying for tens of thousands of different services from thousands of service providers.

Boka.se uses our split-payments functionality with client funds management and conditional settlements.

Boka has also built its own account management for refunds and vouchers, all based on Youcal Payments.

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